We have exciting news: We are hosting our very first in-person event on May 9th, 2023 in Hamburg/Germany!

We are inviting the builders and shapers of Embedded Finance for a small and intimate event. The event will take place on May 9th from 6pm onwards in Hamburg/Germany. This is a side event of the FinanceFWD Conference but a FinanceFWD conference ticket is not required for our event.

The EF Review Event is a small and intimate event with no more than 40 participants. The event is free of charge but there is no open registration. Participants are either invited or can apply (see below). Please note that we want to ensure that the right people are attending the event, and thus, we ask you to share some details about your involvement in Embedded Finance. Representatives from non-financial brands who have or are planning to launch financial products will have preference over other applicants. And subscribers of EF Review have higher chances as well ;-)